Snakes in the Temple casts a biblical vision of the Church's kingdom-revival future and addresses the hindrances to its fulfilment. It asks some penetrating questions. Why, for example, despite our best efforts at church growth is not the Western Church seeing the same breakthroughs as the developing world? David Orton traces the roots of the problem to a hidden idolatry in the Church. Following it from its second century origins to its inroads in the contemporary Church he argues that until this is resolved we will not see the breakthroughs we long for in the West. He contends that the Western Church, creating a god in its own image, worships at the altars of success, productivity, and power. It is time to unmask this hidden idolatry and issue a fresh call to return to the 'Great Commandment' - to the purity of devotion to Christ. It is time to engage in a heart-process with God to resolve it.
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