The Gathering of Believers Under
The Headship of Jesus

This wonderful 468- page resource book
has been prepared by a company of
brothers mainly in the USA. Their research
in preparing this work is vast, scripturally
based, and  comprehensive.  As well, it
incorporates interviews with members of
the underground church in China, North
Korea, and Iran.

In those countries Christians gather under
the threat of imprisonment and
sometimes death. As a result they have a
lot to teach those of us living in Western
countries about what it really means to be
a committed follower of Christ.

For some time I have been looking for a
resource that I can recommend to others
interested in being involved in, or leading
a house fellowship. After an hour long chat
with brother Greg (one of the researchers)
on the phone, and then getting a copy of
the Principles book myself, I found it to be
exactly what I was looking for. After,
prayer I sensed the Lord was urging me to
recommend it to you.

This excellent resource is a Godsend in the
true sense of that word. It will help us all
to know how we should operate as JESUS'
CHURCH in these last days, particularly
when persecution comes, which it will.
This has been a cooperative work by
many under the direction of the Holy
Spirit. And they are freely making this
work available to us today.

For a free download in PDF, e-book, Kindle

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